Creating a new GX file with new function!

Hello there,

I wrote a GX file to apply a new filter over my data in Oasis Montaj. But I don't know how to deal with new function and where should I write it. For instance, in the following code, where you use a function for getting the result, I want to use a new function like KFilter_DU ( I called it KFilter_DU), which is not in the OM. My question is where should I put the code for calculating the KFilter_DU and should I write it in C language?

I have downloaded the gxc-9.10 and did this:

set "PATH=%PATH%;C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\bin"
set "INCLUDE=c:\geosoft_code\gxc\include"

And I tested some of the examples and were okay.

// --- Go through all selected lines ---

   ProgName_SYS("", 1);
   Line = FirstSelLine_DB(Data);
   while (iIsLineValid_DB(Data, Line))
      // --- Update the progress bar ---

      GetSymbName_DB(Data, Line, sTemp);
      UnLockSymb_DB(Data, Line);

      Strcpy_STR(sLabel, _("Filtering line: "));
      Strcat_STR(sLabel, sInCh);
      ProgName_SYS(sLabel, 0);
      ProgUpdateL_SYS(iLine, iTotLines);

      // --- Apply filter ---

      KFilter_DU(Data, Line, InCh, OutCh, rQ, rR, rP);

      // --- Advance to next line ---

      Line = NextSelLine_DB(Data, Line);

I do appreciate it if you could guide me. Thank you.



  • DumitruIon
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    If you haven't done that already, you may need to read "Extending Oasis Montaj" section associated with the GX developer version you are using. It may be useful to take a look at older versions as well, where you may find additional examples, complementary in some respects to the newest ones.

    Look for GX Based DLL Development: create a DLL for your own function(s) as suggested in the associated GX developer documentation, for example as in:
    Part 2: Extending Oasis montaj - GX Developer 8.4 - Confluence (

    The above link is just an example, you may go for a more recent version.

    You can clearly integrate the above in Visual Studio and configure a project to develop both GX and DLL at once, with your preferred language, e.g. .NET or C.

    I would suggest a great resource to guide you in this is USGS_GX_OM90 by Jeffrey D. Phillips:
    of07-1355.pdf (
    At page 2, you get the link for downloading the corresponding source code, and then this code could help you further.
  • Thank you so much for the answer and the links. I will check them to find the solutions. I would appreciate it if you could guide me later if I have some issues. Thank you.