Possible to import a sub-blocked model (not octree)?

Is it possible to import a sub-blocked model that is not an Octree model. For example, parent block size that is 10m x 5m x 5m, but sub-blocked to a minimum of 1m in each direction? I can't see a way to do this. 


  • BrianHartman1
    I see that I can create a new sub-blocked model with this sort of model structure, but I can't import a similarly structured sub-blocked model?
  • KathrynGall
    KathrynGall Posts: 32 mod
    Hi Brian, we are working on this currently, and hope to have this functionality available soon. Keep an eye out for Leapfrog 2023.1. 
    In the short term, you can import the block centroids as points for access visualisation, calculations and some statistics tools.