Is there a Python API for leapfrog?

AdamBennett Posts: 1
edited February 25 in Leapfrog
I was looking for a way to complete repetitive tasks in leapfrog such as cutting slices > making cross sections > saving scenes, or automating loading files into leapfrog. Is there an API or something that’s already available for batch processing?


  • Hi Adam!

    That's a very interesting question.

    Because of the Workflow and methodology of Leapfrog within the Project Tree, we haven't developed a tool for connect Python scripts in Leapfrog. 

    But, we can share some tips and tricks with Leapfrog and Seequent Central in order to optimaze the procesess, the versatility and workflow oriented nature of Leapfrog allows some great options

    Let me know what you think
    Kind regards!