How to create GIS contour from numeric model at certain elevation

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Hello everyone, 
I knew that there is a tool in "Cross Sections and Contours", which can create contour for an assigned unit. However, I'm looking for a tool in Leapfrog that can help me to create a contour map from my entire numeric model at a specific elevation, or even cross section. Then I can use the contour in GIS software for other studies. 
For example, I have a numeric model for resistivity, and I want to obtain the resistivity contour in at the elevation of 500m, 0m, and -500m in GIS data, so I can plot those contour in GIS software for potential other studies. 
I knew that I can create a slice and sketch polylines on the slice, and then export GIS line in Leapfrog, Or I could try to create a horizontal mesh and export the intercept GIS line with the model I have. However, is there a more efficient way to do it? Thanks!

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    Hi @YuTingYu that's a great question!

    I think you nailed the workflow with creating a mesh at your elevation of interest, the pulling the intersections of that mesh with your individual Numerical Model Output Volumes. 

    Detailed Workflow Below: 

    1. Create a mesh at your desired elevation. It think it's easiest to create a mesh from a 'Moving Plane'. Use your 'Draw Plane Line' tool to draw a horizontal plane in the scene across your numerical model. In the Properties Panel, change your plane orientation and set the elevation 

    2. Right click on your Mesh--> Select 'From Moving Plane'. Choose a resolution and appropriate name, and press okay. 

    ** If you want, you can evaluate your numerical model on to this Mesh, by right clicking on the Mesh and selecting 'Evaluations'. Then choose your numerical model. turn this evaluated surface on within your ShapeList. See image 3 below. 

    3. Now, we can use this plane to intersect our numerical model and pull out the intersection lines. Right click on the 'GIS Data, Maps and Photos' folder--> 'New GIS Line' --> 'From Intersecting Meshes'. 

    4. Choose the mesh you created with the plane, and the output volume of interest within your numerical model. Press Okay. This will create a Shapefile of the intersection within your GIS Folder. 

    5. This GIS line can be exported as a 2.5D GIS object (Shapefile). Repeat the process for your remaining numerical model shells. 

    At the moment, we can only do this Workflow with two messes at a time (shown above). I can put in a feature request for you for a more streamlined workflow of potentially using numerous meshes at once to pull these intersecting GIS lines. 




  • YuTingYu
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    Hello Sean, 
    That would be great if Leapfrog can add the feature of export the GIS lines/polylines between multiple meshes in the future. Since I can only export the line one by one and merge them after I export.
    Thank you so much for the answering. The suggestion of creating a horizontal plane is very enlightening.