Is it possible to export a mesh to a block model?

I'm working with a fault system which contains multiple mesh for fault surface. 
I'm curious about if it is possible for me to convert/export those fault mesh into a block model. I'm looking for a block model that can show me if my fault system cut through individual blocks or not (1 and 0, blocks with faults, and blocks without faults).
It would be really nice if there is any tricks or tips! Thank!

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    Hi @YuTingYu!

    Thank you so much for getting in touch with us
    There is something really useful that you could try to achieve this. You could try "Distance Fuction"

    A distance function calculates the distance to a selected set of data objects. This topic describes how to create and modify distance functions. It is divided into:

    • Selecting and Filtering Data Objects
    • Options for Closed Surfaces
    • Setting the Boundary
    • Setting a Trend
    • Adding Buffers

    To create a distance function, right-click on the Numeric Models folder and select New Distance Function. The New Distance Function window will be displayed.

    There you can create "Buffer Zones" surrounding the Fault Plane. In the image below, we have an example of two buffer zones, one of 20m and another of 50m (concentric to the fault plane)

    Finally, you can Evaluate this Volumes in a Block Model:
    1.- As a "heatmap", this means evaluate directly the Distance Fuction Object into the BM

    2.- And as a Grouped Mesh, First we create the Grouped Mesh, and then..

    ... we evaluate in the BM

    Hope this helps you, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate in contact us!

    Kind Regards