is there a way for leapfrog to identify where a polyline is open?

I have a file with 3 polylines representing geological map contours of same lithology. The goal is to create on one go a file with 3 meshes within.

However one polyline is showing as 3D closed no ribbon; one polyline is showing as 3D open no ribbon; the other one is showing as 3D open with ribbon.

I am having difficulty in:
1. understanding where open lines are open so I can close them
2. understanding why some have ribbons and why some don't
3. understand the direction the polylines were drawn

Can you help?


  • SeanBuchanan
    SeanBuchanan Posts: 17 mod
    Hi @SaraRibeiro

    1. I think the easiest way to find where your polylines are open is to navigate to the polyline editor. From here, you can double click on the polyline, and it will highlight the line in a blueish color. If there is a break in the line, you will see the section after the break does not highlight and remains green. 

    2. The polyline ribbons pertain to the polarity of the line. There is a 'positive side' and 'negative side'. This polarity is specific to Polylines in Leapfrog. Creating GIS lines in Leapfrog will not have polarity. So, I'm wondering if you have some lines that were built in the GIS folder and polylines were 'Extracted'. You will notice this when you 'Extract a GIS line' from your polyline. You will get a message that says, "The Polyline contains tangents that will not be extracted". 

    3. The polyline ribbon will tell you the orientation of the polyline. The red side of the line is positive, and the blue side is negative. Sometimes polylines can get twisted and cause issues in surface creation. If that is the case, you will need to switch the polarity of the polyline using the "Flip Selected Objects' button shown below. I'd recommend checking out this section in the help guide: