Merged Table: Interval Selection Corrupt

I have an interval selection that is part of a merged table.  The merged table utilizes Lithology, Samples and other static tables that have been imported from csv files.  If I remove one of the imported csv static tables, my interval selection becomse corrupt.  Where there was once continuous intervals, there is now random gaps.
Is there a way to remove the static tables from my Merged Table without having my IS be corrupted?


  • RichardFlynn2
    running v 2022.1.1
  • DerrickBaidoo
    Hello Richard,
    I have run into similar situation before.
    Let assume your static table is Table A and the dynamic/other Table is Table B.
    The reason you're losing intervals when you remove Table A is because the intervals are not the same (i.e. Table A and Table B have different intervals) in the merged table file. You can verify this by checking any hole where you lost the data, compare the intervals for Table A and Table B.

    The work around is to recomposite Table A (using majority composite option) and under "intervals from" select Table B. This will create a new table under the composites folder (called Table C) similar to Table A but with intervals from Table B.

    Create a New merged Table, add Table B and Table C. Create also new interval selection field, transfer all the codes/data from Table C into this new field. Finally, kick out Table C.