Dealing with alluvium and other recent unconsolidated deposits

I've had trouble trying to model an area that is generally basement granite with some unconsolidated sediment deposits (alluvium, gravels, etc.) in deeply incised channels. When modeling, the LF algorithm consistently develops a layer-cake system with alluvial mountain tops and basement channels which then extends to the bottom of the model. What is the best method for modeling alluvial deposits at lower elevation than older, basement rock?


  • GumpiFroschauer
    Hi Chistopher
    I'm having the exact same problem! I've found that I can edit my contact surface with a polyline on the slicer, where the polyline forms a very steep-sided "U" and extends to at least as high as the nearby hills (into the air). This helps, but it's far from perfect. So if anyone can suggest a better solution, I'd be eager to learn more about it!
    Cheers, Gumpi