Staged loading

I would like to know how is the principle of applying loading BC in geostudio. Suppose you have a staged construction like:
stage 1) construction of slab in 7 days
Stage 2) Construction of a storage tank in 5 days
Stage 3) Filling the tank in 10 days

What will be the most accurate method to model this:

Solution 1) creating one stage and defining a BC as a function of time and apply above stress changes in the stress BC function

Solution 2) Creating 3 stages and apply an individual stress BC for each stage

I have done both and results are a bit different. So the question is, if we go for Solution 2, will the BC in for example stage 2 remains there in stage 3 too?

I wonder if you share your thoughts on this.

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  • VincentCastonguay

    The way you should model this will depend on the type of analysis you want to perform.

     Load/Deformation doesn't account for time, but you can you a virtual measure of time to order your construction sequence. A Consolidation analysis will account for time.

    When you sequence loading stages through various analyses, you should in general not repeat previous loadings, as they will be applied in addition to the stress state already passed down from the parent. 

    Please send your file to GeoStudio's support team so we can confirm your loading sequence is appropriate.