"Drape on Topography" button not available?

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Hi, I am going through the Leapfrog tutorials: "Creating and Exporting Lithological Volumes - Building a Model From a Map - Pt3"

On Step 7. "Right-click on them to select Drape on Topography."

I am unable to select "Drape on Topography" as this isn't an option in the drop-down menu for me. (Refer to screenshot below).

Once I go ahead and follow the steps after step 7, I end up with this:

This is opposed to what the tutorial's model is:

Would appreciate any help on this. Thanks



  • AndrewMcLoughlin
    Hi @YuvrajBehal can you please raise a support ticket with MySeequent they will be happy to help you with this issue. Can you try selecting only one of the objects to see if the Drape on Topography option appears. if one object is draped and the other option isnt the option to drape may not appear. Please refer to this help article it may solve your issue GIS Data (seequent.com)
  • StephanieVanos2
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    This is because you are using an older version of Leapfrog where all objects in the GIS Data, Maps and Photos folder were automatically draped onto the topo. If you expand the topo, in the Draped objects folder you should already see all of your GIS objects. 
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