How to access geosoft.gxpy library modules and register to seequent connector on AWS cloud?

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I'm Anusha Kankari, and I currently work at Windfall Geotek Organization as a data scientist. A few geologists and our team collaborate closely to automate their work. One of these tasks involved using Python programming to transform GRD files into a CSV format. We are actually using the Geosoft package (geosoft.gxpy) offered by the Geosoft GX Developers for file conversion. For instructions on installing the Geosoft Python modules, see To access these modules and run the python script, we need a backend account with the seequent connector. We downloaded the Geosoft package modules and registered for the Seequent connection on the local machines in order to convert the grid files successfully. Now that we want to achieve the same goal on the AWS cloud, we are unsure of how to configure and turn on the Seequent connector in the backend so that our code can access the Geosoft modules and execute the script. I request guidance to accomplish this task. We would appreciate it if you could send us some documents or set up a call so we can give you a more thorough explanation.


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    Hi Team, Can someone please help us with this issue? 
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    Hi - we are in a similar position. We need headless access / authentication to automate a number of conversion tasks (without a user being present). Can you please advise on how to achieve?