How can I select some of the boreholes using a polygon?

Hello everyone, in my study, I would like to select some of the boreholes from a given polygon corresponding to the main zone of the orebody. I was just wondering if you could please share with me how I can do this selection. Thank you so much!


  • AlissaAlvim1
    Hey. I dont think you can make a selection using a polygon but I know you can make a query filter filtering coordinates boundaries. This is something that seequent really needs to improve!
  • If you're going to use those certain boreholes within the same project in Leapfrog, try using the "New Evaluation Table" function from the Drillholes section. 
    You create a new, temporary Geological Model, and create a new intrusion from the said domain, and flag your Drill hole intervals within it.

    Or if you're focused on filtering the collars only, Alissa's suggestion is probably the best way to do it. 

    But I'd say if there are only a dozen or so boreholes, in the said area, manual interval selection or query filter is a lot quicker.