SEEP/W Modelling an embankment Dam

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I need some help.
I need to add a toe drain in an embankment dam as a region.
I keep getting the error overlaping with edges. 

Can anyone guide me to what I am doing wrong and how I should go about it. 


  • VincentCastonguay
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    edited October 2022

    Regions cannot overlap each other. If you want to create a toe drain, I would suggest drawing either drawing the dam (without the toe drain) as a region, and then the toe drain as another adjacent region (sharing a line together). Otherwise, you can draw the whole dam (including the toe drain) as a single region, and then use the "Split regions" tool to split the dam region where the toe drain should exist. This will split the initial region into two regions. You can finally assign a drainage boundary condition to the toe drain region. 

    You can learn more about how to create geometries in GeoStudio in the GeoStudio Basics (free) online course:

    You will also find SLOPE/W and SEEP/W (free) online courses there.