USGS Potential Field GX Update of OM 2022?

Hi all, I was trying to use Jeff Philips' excellent GXs for curvature analysis recently and received an error. I wonder if there is an update for the most recent version of OM? I can't access  the USGS FTP site where the updated codes used to be found (


  • Hi Sean,
    I'm using the USGS GXs with version 2022.1 (20220602.26) and don't have any issues with the curvature analysis ('Grid Extrema from Curvature Analysis' or 'Special Function Depth Analysis'). My Windows OS is Windows 10 Enterprise.

    I used the USGS files for version OM9.0. The only difference I found was in the location of the menu files (.omn). Rather than going into the Program Files directory they need to go into C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Geosoft\Desktop Applications\omn to be visible to the new Geosoft install. Discovered this completely by accident. 

    If there is a specific function you want me to test I can run that on my system and see if it fails.


  • Thanks. Looks like some files were overwritten when I updated and forgot to re-install. All working well now. Thanks
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    The mapping of Jeff's OM90 files to OM202X: