What's the best way to create polylines for selected lines only

Dear all, 
I have a shapefile for multiple fault traces. I want to extract those traces to individual polylines for fault modeling.
I know I can delete useless polylines after I extract the entire file to polyline, or I can save individual lines by edit shapefile. However, both ways are very time-consuming.
Is there an efficient way to do this work?



  • KeithOsburn1
    KeithOsburn1 Posts: 4 mod
    Hi, There is no direct path for doing this with such a large shape file. Just remember you can limit the size of the shape file you import by setting and selecting the clipping boundary on import.
    The one option I might go with is to create an extruded mesh from the total polyline object. This will give you a single mesh with many individual meshes that are generated from each polyline that was in the file. 

    Then extract these meshes, and you can select just one at a time because these are identified as separate objects and rename it and extract, then repeat. This will give you a single mesh per fault. Just ignore those you don't want.