create a fault without terminating

Hello all, 
I know that it might be a legacy question, but I am still curious about if it is possible to create a fault without terminating in Leapfrog. I know that typically a fault should be terminated on either model boundary or another fault, I am just curious if it is possible to create a fault without terminating in the newer Leapfrog version. 

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  • AndrewMcLoughlin
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    @YuTingYu Unfortunately not, with the way the faulting is built inside leapfrog it would be a large fundamental change required to the Geological modelling within leapfrog. 


  • SeanBuchanan
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    @YuTingYu one workaround for this would be to not 'Activate' your fault. With a fault not activated, it will extend out to your Model Boundary without being truncated by another fault.  These 'inactive' faults can still be shown in the scene and projected onto cross sections. 

    You could also right click on the 'Inactive' fault and 'Extract Vertices' or 'Mesh Parts' and create a separate mesh of the fault to display in the scene or on cross sections.