How to import DGS AT1A field survey data into "Moving Platform Gravity"

Hi all,
We purchased AT1A airborne gravity meter from Dynamics Gravity system Inc. last year. The first helicopter borne field work is finished this July and I am tring to process the data. Can I import the field data into Geosoft by using  "Moving Platform Gravity" module? If no, what is the data format and information needed for Geosoft to process?
Is there any Tutorial for "Moving Platform Gravity"?


  • BobLo
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    Hi Jack,

    I just joined this community looking to see if anyone else encountered my problem of losing the CAD functions in MAP when I just upgraded.

    Anyways, I have used the Moving Platform Gravity module and with AT1A data earlier this year. It looks to be a third party module and for marine gravity. You have the option of importing MGS-6 and the ZLS meter formats, but no AT1A. The import formats are based on *.io files which you can modify to get the AT1A format into the package. From there, you can access the standard corrections for dynamic gravity. But, we sort of modified the MatLab scripts that were supplied with the meter to do the processing to correct for the dynamic variables. There is a primer, I believe. But you probably have to ask Seequent support for it.

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    forgot to mention that the ZLS format was very close to the AT1A format.
  • Hi BobLo,

    Thank you very much. I just looking for third party dynamic processing other than MatLab scripts. As the scripts is too hard for me to change the processing parameters step by step. I will try the ZLS format.