Unable to run python from Oasis Montaj

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I have been able to reproduce the following problem a few windows 10 machines running Oasis Montaj 2022.1. 
Regardless of the the python home variable, so regardless of the python environment, this happens. It also happens independently of the script Oasis is trying to run (eg an empty file). 

It seems that the oasis executable is trying importing numpy, before activating the environment, therefore not finding dependencies. But these DLL are present in the python environment, and are found correctly when using the python of the same environment from outside python.  

Oasis outputs the error messages as attached, but only once. Following attempts to run python only yield the shorter error message "python environment not set correctly". Restarting Oasis yield the longer error message again. 

The issue can be circumvented by manually adding the path to the DLL to the PATH environment variable in windows. In my case the path would be C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications\python\Library\bin

However I would like to distribute a extension more easily without having to manually add paths to the PATH environment variable.