Can I select polylines without clicking one by one?

I was working with polylines that were created from polyline shapefile. I want to delete polylines in different part for controlling of different geological units. However, I have to click the polylines one by one. Is there any way that I can simply select an area and delete all the polylines within? 
In addition, I was curious about if I can also select an area and delete all the structure modeling points within. 
Thank you.

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  • KeithOsburn1
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    When working with a large shape file, you could try set a filter when importing shapefile, If you have a large regional file larger than what you need. You might just do this by making the clipping extents the size that you require. Another way is to set lateral extents to a geological model (Modifying a Geological Model’s Boundary ( and limit the size of the model when actually doing the modelling.

    For the second portion there is no option for bulk select and delete of structural data (or polylines) however for the structural data, if it is a really large area with many data points, I would create a GM that is just the extents that I want my data to be, evaluate this onto the structural data and then write a query to filter what you do or don't want. You can use this same method to apply a rock code from your GM onto your structural data if you wanted. You can use this to flag different data in different areas (for points and structural data).

    I hope that helps?



  • YuTingYu
    Hello Keith, 
    Yes, your answer kind of answered my question. As now I know what Leapfrog can /cannot do. 
    Thank you so much for the answering!