Is ”Screens table” needed for defining boundary conditions in TOUGH model?

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I'm studying how to use Leapfrog as a preprocessor for TOUGH3.

I don't know how to enter parameters such as steam production from the well, reinjection to the well, inflow and outflow of heat or hot water.

According to Leapfrog's manual, we can define such parameters by adding a Generator. Also, the manual says: If well data in the project includes a screens table, you can define generators for a structured TOUGH model using the screens.
This explanation told me that the "screens data" is required to input the parameters listed above.

Elsewhere in the manual, there was also an article "Importing a Screens Table". This article shows me how to input "screens table". But I'm not sure what does "screens" mean.

What kind of data is the "screens table" file containing?
If I create a "screens table" and load it, will I be able to enter the boundary conditions for TOUGH3?
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