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Hi everyone, 
I have a problem when I use the "smart refresh" tool. Each time it ask me to reload all my drillholes (6659 holes), but only a few holes have been added to my project. At the end of the reloading data he say this: "Smart Refresh has not detected any table structure changes. Would you like to import all tables automatically?", but I have new data...

Is it something that you experiment?



  • Hello Maxim, don´t worry is ok, i use the smart refresh too.
    when you did the first download from acquire, you downloaded all information for those 6659 drillholes, smart refresh works makin a query to acquire requesting only the data modified from the last checkpoint.
    (when the dialog appear you will use the automatically import)

    For example if you have some information of the drillhole #1 and you modify any interval, this interval will be reload with the smart refresh, and meanwhile you information doesn´t change, smart refresh won´t add to the project, i hope been explained and help with your question.

  • MaximMartel
    Hi Eduardo,

    But each time that I use "smart refresh" it give me this message.

    No matter if I have new hole or not.
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