How to reload appended drillholes?

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I have a drillholes database for which I have appended another set of drillholes. I want to updates all the drillholes. When I select the Reload Drillholes options, LF Geo prompts me to the links to the original database but not to the appended one. How do I make sure those last ones get updated too?

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  • IsaacBurwell
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    If the full set of drillholes you want inside LF still resides in 2 different databases you'll need to continue to reload and append from both databases as you've already done. However, if either of the databases has been updated to contain the latest data sourced from both databases, doing a reload from the parent drillhole level and selecting the correct database, whichever it is, will reload all the results from the single database, and so whatever is contained in that database will be in the LF project.