Modelling Folds

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I am trying to model a meter scale fold. My workflow has been:

  1. Imported an obj mesh to LeapfrogGeo.
  2. Extract vertices from mesh
  3. Estimated structural data from vertices
  4. Deleted structural dip data that was not on bedding surfaces
  5. Created form interpolants from the structural data
  6. Traced bedding contact with polyline

With this setup I then created a new mesh:

  1. Extract vertices from the form interpolant that best matched with the traced bed polyline
  2. Estimated structural data from these vertices
  3. Created new mesh from these structural data
  4. Added polyline to this mesh (snap to polyline, no snap to structural data)
  5. Deleted some of the structural data that was near the polyline causing a bumpy mesh

The result is shown in image below. The (green) mesh is good, but it is not a perfect representation of the fold. I could manually add structural data to modify the mesh to better fit the outcrop model. However, are there any other tools I could be using to improve this model?

I appreciate any input.

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    Did you try creating a new 'Deposit' using an 'offset surface' and then selecting the form interpolant as the reference plane?