How to import ARCMAP .LYR file into data view with gxapi or gxpy modules

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Hi All,

I am having trouble figuring out how to import a arcgis .lyr file into a geosoft .map. I have tried using a gxapi.GXDATALINKD.create_arc_lyr() method to create and arc_lyr object but I don't understand how I can display it in the data view of the .map. Please let me know if anyone is able to assist with this question.

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    I wanted to provide some additional details to the question.

    I am trying to create a standalone python script that automates a company task. As a step I need to import a ARCGIS.lyr file into the 'data' view of a .map file. From exploring the gxapi and gxpy documentation it seems that there is no direct method to simply import a ARCGIS.lyr file and that it may require calling the method directly from the (geogxnet.dll(Geosoft.GX.ArcGIS.ImportLYR;Run)*) . However, I am unfamiliar with dll's and am wondering if this is the only way to display a .lyr file in the 'data' view of a .map file. Please let me know if this provides any clarification for the previously asked question.