Importing BM with multiple ore parcels

BrianHartman Posts: 4
edited June 2022 in Leapfrog
How do I import a block model with multiple ore parcels in each block? I have percentages of each parcel and each corresponding grade. Then, how do I specify the parcel percentages and corresponding grades when running a report for tonnage/grade tabulation. 


  • MikeStewart1
    MikeStewart1 Posts: 8 mod
    Hi Brian,

    There is nothing to stop you importing the information relating to parcel percentage and grade into a Leapfrog block model.  But at present, we do not allow weighting of statistical reports by a proportion item, in the way that I think you require. 

    Leapfrog is not currently set up to either create or consume this style of proportion based model.

    We do allow weighting by density (and it is possible to get creative with the use of that weight item - i.e. create a new weight item that is the product of density * proportion). I should point out though that doing this requires reporting of one parcel at a time.  

    I have added your suppport to the existing request for enhanced handling of proportion models to our internal ideas portal.