What is the best way to model a fold in Leapfrog Geo

Am trying to model a Fold which includes multiple lithologies (Sediments and volcanics) and haven´t get yet with the best tool in Leapfrog Geo to do it, could it be planar structural data? as a surface? with point or polylines?


  • I guess form interpilant that uses planar structural data would be a good solution. You need to be careful about your data. I would suggest planar structural data should be well distributed inti different litologies and different limbs of the same fold. I would also suggest using data from lithologic contacts if thickness is variable within folded units. Best way is to try to model, and add data where model is not representing geology due to lack of data.
  • Use Structural Modelling > Form Interpolants to create isosurfaces from your structural dataset. Dip and dip direction from a planar surface is all you need. Play with the spacing on isosurfaces until you get something representative of your stratigraphy. Export an iso surface to apply as a trend in your Geological Models. You could model ptygmatic folds with enough structural measurements in your database.