Weighting by Composite Length

You can add an addition weighting item when compositing. Is there a way to weight by composite length in an IDW estimator?


  • MustafaKaplan
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    I do not have the answer directly but I would like to discuss the case where we need length weighted estimation. I guess compositing is expected to homogenize the data support without hurting statistical properties much. In this case there is already a tradeoff between data support and quality that is caused by compositing, which I believe will be more important than minor amount of composites having different lengths.  

    I guess length weighed estimation may be good to look at, for narrow veins with highly variable thickness, and there are only one sample per vein interval. Some datasets with frequent core losses may also be a case. I have also seen some cases where an inclined mine road  blasting volume grade is estimated where blastholes have variable length.