Como crear el modelo geologico si tengo las mesh de todas las litologias

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Tengo las meshes de las litologias y quisiera crear el modelo geologico.


  • ElisabethPoizat
    If I understand correctly, you want to build a GM using volumes. I will ty to help you here.

    1)To do so, please create a Geological Model by right-clicking on the GM folder>New GM, with or without a base litho column.

    2)If you do not use a base litho column remember you will have to add all your codes to the lithologies object (else everything will be defaulted to unknown and it will be the same colour). To do so you need to double-click on the lithologies and add the code you want to use.

    3)Once you have created all the lithologies, please, right-click on the surface chronology and select new intrusion >from surface, specify the surface you want to use as well as the lithology codes, and click ok.

    If the codes are inverted from what they should be you can double click on the resulting intrusion and choose 'swap younging direction'.

    4)Once all the surfaces have been created, activate them by double-clicking on the surface chronology, and you should see your Geological Model in the scene.

    Would this help?