GX to set a colour ramp

I have some ITRs that I am repetitively setting to a map in line with some daily work I am performing. Is there a GX that I can add in to my gridding script that can automate this process? 

I've had a look at various help documents etc and have come up with no answers so thought I'd ask here!


  • DarrenMortimer1
    DarrenMortimer1 Posts: 1 Staff

    Hi Dave - I just saw your question, you can can script it using Display Grid.

    When you add a grid to a map (Display Grid) you can select the colour scheme. The colour scheme default to TBL (i.e. no data values) file, but you can also select ITR and ZON (colour and data values); in category select Project Directory or browse to find your ITR files.