Missing Features in Edge?

BrianHartman Posts: 4
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I have a few recommendations for improvements in Edge. Please let me know if these are already available and I'm missing it.

1) A histogram that includes both composites and block data for an estimator,
2) A way to copy the histogram data, not just the histogram image or statistics data,
3) Ability to apply a filter when building swath plots,
4) Ability to apply a range of cutoffs in a Report.


  • MikeStewart1
    MikeStewart1 Posts: 8 mod
    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for you feedback.
    I have added your votes to our Ideas portal for all of these suggestions - all are existing feature requests.
    None are in the immediate roadmap - but these will be considered in future releases.

    Multiple cutoffs can be easily acheived by creating a cutoff category variable in the Calculator, and using the category variable in the Report
    Or by simply copying re-running the Report at desired cutoffs then combining the exported reports.

  • BrianHartman
    Thanks for that cutoff category variable idea. I'll give that a try.
  • VincentNadeauBenoit
    FOr the swathplot, i would love to have the ability to compare the composite with the estimation results
  • BrianHartman1
    Any updates on these particular items?