Block Model - filter and display

Is it possible to display a block model with a value filter applied, and have the blocks coloured by a different evaluation that is included in the model?
For example, display only the >1g/t Au blocks but the colour range is based on Cu


  • RyanLangdon
    Yes this is possible. You need to create a Filter on the 'Calculations and Filters' tab for the block model, accessible by right clicking on the block model. You can then apply this filter and colour by another variable.

  • MarkusStaubmann
    Hi Ryan, thanks for the reply. 
    When I right click on the block model in the project tree - I only have the 'evaluations' option to open the Grid and Evaluations tabs, there is no 'Calculations and Filters' tab.

    Just for clarity - this particular model is based on a project that only has point data (no 'drill hole data'), so the various numeric models that are included in the block model are from a point data source - not that this should matter.