Composites Using Output from a Merged Table

I would like to make a numeric composite using a subset of codes with the output columns coming from a merged table.

However the merged table is not selectable in the output columns.

I have a work around to this by re-importing the merged table as a interval table but this is then not dynamically linked. I could also create the composites directly within an estimator and select data from within the merged table but this is long winded as I have many domains and 5 variables. 


  • RyanLangdon
    Could someone at Leapfrog please make comment to this?
  • AnnaKutkiewicz1
    Hey Ryan, 

    What version of Leapfrog are you using? In previous versions, you would have had to merge your new Composited table with your existing Merged Table in order to get the codes on the composited values. 

    In this version (2021.2), the code is automatically applied to the composited table (see screenshot). I can't recall but I think this was added in 2021.1.