Vein System Modelling - Individual Output Volumes as per Vein Modelling approach

Is there a way to create individual output volumes for each vein when using the vein modelling system approach as opposed to having one combined output volume?


  • Hi @MichaelSlevin1, timely question because this is something we've added to the upcoming release of LF. Please keep an eye out for comms on the LF 2021.2.3. You should hear an announcement next week. 

  • Hi Rachel, i am using 2021.2 and noticed the following link, but it doesnt seem to working, i de select the "Generate system vein system volume" option but then when clicking on the individual veins there is no option to make the edit as per the link. Is this fixed in the 2021.2.3 release? 
  • Just so I'm understanding the issue correctly, when you double click on the vein within the vein system you do not see the 2nd tab called "Lithologies" ?  Or is it that you do not see the lithological code you are wanting? 
  • I dont see the individual vein lithologies to choose from
  • Solved - I need to go through and add vein individually as a Lithology under the overall Geo Model, as it doesnt auto assign this from the interval selection. 

  • @MichaelSlevin1 yeah, exactly. This is by design (at least for now). I'm glad you got this sorted. 
  • Cool, i've been waiting for that feature for a while!