where is Leapfrog Works 2021.2?

Hi, I received on 18th Jan 2022 a mail with the anouncement of Leapfrog 2021.2 with some nice new features. I installed it immedeatly, but now its gone. The newest release on the website is 2021.1.3. I'm looking especially for the release notes.

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  • UlrichKnieß
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    OK, from today there is a new latest version available (2021.2.3), so this question is not relevant anymore.


  • I'm working on a model in Leapfrog geo 2021.2. Since a project in a newer version is not retro-compatible. Should i stop right away what i'm working on and go back on 2021.1.3?
  • RachelMurtagh
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    Hi @UlrichKnieß, @VincentNadeauBenoit,

    My apologies that this has caused you some confusion and frustration. Our team has sent an email with regard to Release 2021.2 of Leapfrog and this has information you should find useful. Please let me know if you have not received an email (please remember to check your spam etc folders). 

  • VincentNadeauBenoit
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    I haven't received anything... And i usually get all the e-mails for new versions or remote trainings
  • RachelMurtagh
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    @VincentNadeauBenoit thanks for letting me know. I'll follow up on this right now. 

    UPDATED: please check your direct messages
  • Hi Rachel,
    other than the release-email I haven't received anything too. Was the release 2021.2 retracted? Thanks.
  • RachelMurtagh
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    @UlrichKnieß I have forwarded you the communication to your email. Please let me know if you don't receive this or have further questions. 
  • Hi Rachel,

    I do not have any email communication regarding the release of Leapfrog Works 2021.2 and was given a project file created in that version (I currently have 2021.1.3). I can't find the link to download the update, can you also email me a link to the Works update?
  • Hello there, I would also need download option for 2021.2.2 as all of our project files have been updated into that version but it's still not available on your downloads section.
  • AndrewMcLoughlin
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    Hi @vesatuhkanen If you could please reach out support which can be found here they will be able to assist you in this regard and provide information about the 2021.2.2 Release https://www.seequent.com/help-support/leapfrog-works