Intrusion with structural trend processing time

Is it usual for the processing time to increase dramatically when applying a structural trend to an intrusion model? About 6 minutes processing with a global trend versus <8 hours with a structural trend. In fact even leaving the process running overnight the structural trend model still hadn't finished. Maybe there is something else I'm doing / not doing? 


  • No responses to this, can I assume then that no-one else has come across the same issue? 
  • RachelMurtagh
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    Hey @JamesLally; just wondering if you reached out to the support team about this query?  If not, and assuming this is still something that concerns you, I would recommend jumping onto  and submitting a support request. 

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    I didn't at the time, assumed it was maybe just my hardware and thought someone else might have noticed it. Would still like to know what was happening though - can I assume that the lack of response here means it's never been raised as an issue?
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    @JamesLally I'm not across the support space myself so couldn't comment if it has been raised and possibly explained or resolved for other people. All I can say is that I've not seen the issue get as far as the product or development teams (spaces I am across).

    I had a quick look at the knowledge articles to see if there's anything documented there but didn't find anything specific:   

    I'll reach out to our engineering team and see if they can shed some light on it. 
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    @JamesLally  yep; as I suspected; the extreme slow down you're seeing doesn't sounds right and the suggestion from Tim (our research engineer) is, if possible, to provide a cut-down version of the project to our support team for further investigation. If you reach out to support they will give you all the steps you need to pursue this as an option. 
  • I've found the structural trend to generally increase processing time.  Maybe you can adjust the sill on the interpolant to a smaller value?  If so I believe the processing time will decrease.

    On a similar note, if you're using a Variable Orientation model in your estimator, that can dramatically prolong processing.  If there are many estimators with variable orientation models, hours of processing can be added.  
  • Hello  @JamesLally, I also want to do the same but I don't get an option of using Structural Trend when modelling Intrusion from Polylines. Any help please.