Export drill hole trace from Leapfrog Geo


is anyone knows how to export traces of drill hole from Leapfrog Geo ? I need Shapefile or DXF or equivalent.



  • ValterOliveira
    Hi Sylvain. There is a way to export your holes in OMF format (Open Mine Format), but not their traces. Some softwares, like Deswik could import this format, even export in DXF after import inside Deswik.
  • xuguo
    xuguo Posts: 1
    you can make a new category with fix interval and then exort points extact form the intervals
  • RobMaynard
    RobMaynard Posts: 1 Calcite Rank Badge
    1. Export a table (Lithology for example) to OMF
    2. Re-import the OMF into Leapfrog, it will create an entry under GIS Data, Maps and Photos
    3. Right-click on this, and select Extract Polyline
    4. Right-click on the extracted polyline and export to dxf
  • ElisabethCote
    Would be great having an easier way of exporting drillholes traces without having to export then reimport than re-export...
  • AndrewMcLoughlin

    @ElisabethCote We have logged the idea in our feedback portal. This workflow is something we are actively considering.

  • EmmaJones
    EmmaJones Posts: 1

    I have a drillhole data displaying interval data in my 3D view. What i see in spatial view - which is just the structures only and nothing else - (no traces, no meshes, no polylines).

    I would like to EXPORT what i see in my spatial view as a dxf. Just the location of the structures. Is there a way to do it? What i see in the picture i want to export it as a dxf. This is from interval data.