how to view a block model (Octree) without filled blocks and Au number

Hi, Im at a loss as to how to replicate the "old-style" empty BM images as below (ie Vulcan, Surpac or Datamine etc). I figure it must be a display setting, but i believe i have tried them all. 

Instead of how LF is showing them now (below)

Thanks, Greg


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  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
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    Hi Greg! 

    Currently in LF, there's no display settings that will get you to the "old-style" empty BM images you show there. However, we're currently working on this as a new feature! If you're keen to chat more about this, I'm more than happy to! You can email me directly at this address:

  • ValterOliveira
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    Hi Greg. 
    There is a way to try to help you until Seequent release this improvement.
    You Just have to import your block model as points, and leave your block model a little translucent relate to the points and chose the element to show (grades) as in the picture below. 
    Hope that this could help you.