EDGE Reporting

Good afternoon,
I use the EDGE reporting feature for more than resource reporting. Some of the items I want to report are unitless yet there is no provision for unitless values, would be nice if that option was available. Also, it would be nice to be able to selectively turn on or off the material content based on a variable rather than a global on/off setting.
Hope someone else agrees.



  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
    Hi Michael!

    Long time no chat! Hope you're well. 

    I'm interested to know the other use cases for the report outside of resource reporting...just purely for my own information. 


  • MichaelJMunroe
    Hi Rachel. To be quite brief, I use the resource reporting to tabulate many of the calculations I have built into the models along with short and long term mine planning, recovery estimates based on ore types and deleterious elements which are sometimes reported as ratios which are unitless and when the material content is reported for these it is meaningless so would like to not have it reported.
    Thanks for reaching out.
    All the best,