Default position of project trees

Is there a way to change the default position of the trees in general.
I prefer to have the collapsed rather than expanded. Annoys me to have to always do a ctrl-shift-left_arrow every time I open some dialog.


  • RachelMurtagh
    RachelMurtagh Posts: 35 admin
    Hi Michael, 

    Do you mean for the project tree panel on the left hand side or for the project tree when it appears in various lists (for example, the Enclose Object drop down option in the GM creation dialog)? ...both is a valid answer as well  :)
  • MichaelJMunroe
    Hi Rachel, Yes both. Generally everywhere there is an expandable tree in any dialog box. My first key stoke is always ctrl-chift-Left arrow. With everything expand i find it very cumbersome to find the exact object(s) I am looking for. A toggle in the settings would be nice depending on ones preference.