How to induce permeability random fields into Geostudio?

Many people have already induced the random fields into Geostudio. This is the method:
1)Build a computational model. 
SEEP/W module in geotechnical analysis software GEOSTUDIO was used to establish the finite element model. This part includes the steps:  build the model, mesh the structure, define the material properties, apply boundary conditions, etc. We have to pay attention to the consistency between the mesh size and the conditional simulation mesh size. The number of material attributes should be determined according to the demand precision when defining uncertain materials as the basis for assigning values. Finally, the model file is saved as XML.file.
2) Create a new input calculation file.
We use MATLAB to generate n sets of permeability random field data and correspond the element number in the finite element model with the element number of the random field model.
Replace the codes related to the permeability of the homogeneous earth dam model in the XML.file in step (1) with the codes about the random field data.
Can you support me with the codes about the value of permeability, and the code may be similar to the code of FLAC?