What north is the one reported by leapfrog, is it the geographical north? or is it the north utm (if it is east, which zone, Z18, Z17 etc)?


  • AndrewMcLoughlin
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    edited September 2021
    Hi @OscarBallesteros Leapfrog does not consider any coordinate systems it works with a 1:1:1 ratio being the X, Y and Z axis. So north would be aligned with the Y axis if the data you are importing is correctly orientated according to the 3D space. 
  • JamesLally
    Leapfrog and most 3D modelling systems work on a basic cartesian coordinate system as described by Andrew. Part of your data validation should be ensuring that all the data that goes into Leapfrog is in the same coordinate system (projection and datum) because Leapfrog can't do reprojections. Also check that your drillhole azimuths are relative to Grid North matching the XY grid being used. This means applying both magnetic declination for any magnetic tool based readings and the grid convergence (difference between true north and grid north). The latter varies depending on location, with the edges of UTM zones having the highest convergence corrections