C++ API issue : Case where GXVV::get_data(0, vv_length) does not return all values

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Hi, I have some C++ Geosoft GX code based directly on the "chanadd.cpp" example.

Generally, the code works well. I have a this gdb file, however, where GXVV::get_data does not always return a data vector of the expected size. Critically, the data that is missing from the vector can sometimes be at the beginning of the vector.

Example : This is a public gdb file that can be downloaded from http://gdr.agg.nrcan.gc.ca/gdrdap/dap/search-eng.php
Search for a dataset named "46M - GDB Point Data"
Specifically, on line "L374", the first two dummy values on properties "f_rtk", "f_rut" and "f_ruk" are not obtained when GXVV::get_data(0, vv_length) is called.

Is there some way to handle this case with the C++ api? Some way to know how many values are being skipped by GXVV::get_data?

I have noticed that if I open this file in Geosoft Viewer, it shows those two values correctly, but these property columns' names are underlined in red. I don't know if that is related.

Thank you for your time.