Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals Missing Assay/Numeric Interpolation Section Prior to Unit 10

I will preface this by stating that I had attempted to submit a support ticket in order to assist/resolve this issue, but ran into an "Unexpected Error" and no ticket is visible regarding it.  So I push it here for anyone else also learning or updating their skills with 2021.1 Fundamentals Course:

While following the Leapfrog Geo Fundamentals Course, I noticed that the page (Leapfrog Geo: Drillhole Planning Page 3) requests the user to: 

// 5. Move the Au Model in Vein Domain numeric model to the Selected column and click OK.

Upon action of this, the program comes up with: 

//Nothing To Evaluate
//There are no evaluable objects in the project. Please create an interpolant or distance function and try again.

Note that by having followed each step of the course to this point in time, there has been no assay/numeric interpolation done through the Fundamentals course.
This is not a particular issue for myself as I am able to do the required task from memory, but new users may be delayed in completing the course training.

It may be possible that there was a key section missed through a sub-category button that was not identified as mandatory?

I believe that we are missing a key portion of the training course that is essential to completing the course as laid out.
There is also no specific model file included in the Oliver Training Package to accomplish the task.

It's entirely possible that I missed something completely, though I have been pretty thorough about getting up to speed on Leapfrog Geo 2021 and the changes since I last used Leapfrog.

If you (the Seequent Team) could please, for future users of the course, either include a new chapter discussing basic Numeric Modelling, or including the appropriate data files in the package, I am sure it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time & consideration of this issue.

TL/DR: Leapfrog Geo Introductory course is missing a key module/component regarding numeric modelling for new users to complete the course