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TianyouChen Posts: 1
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  am running Oasis 9.10 and trying out its Python extension.  I am running Python 3.9.6.  I went through all the steps setting up and configuring and verifying Python with no problems. But when I tried to run the simple demo hello world. I got a few quick flashes of windows then an error prompt:

Any Ideas?
Thank you very much. 


  • SeanWalker
    Hi Tianyou, Just a guess by maybe you have multiple scripts running that have tried to use your geosoft license via the GXpy and have not released it from memory (I have no idea how it all works). Maybe try closing everything and starting again. Good luck.
    I have no idea if this is related to your error but Geosoft comes with its own python installation located in C:\Program Files\Geosoft\Desktop Applications 9\python. It looks like it is python 3.8. I would suggest running the hello world script using Python 3.8 and see what happens.

  • ChrisEykamp
    I had the same problem, and I think the hello_world.py script is broken.  See my October 27, 2021 post for my solution.
  • PetriValasti1
    Same issue in Oasis montaj versio 2021.2.1. As ChrisyEyKamp suggests elsewhere in forum, it works if you put gxp = gxpy.gx.gx() instead of gxp = gxpy.gx.GXpy(). Which would suggest that there is some issue with GXpy() creating the context.