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Hello community

The reason for my question is to know if there is a way or some extra configuration to speed up the connection with acQuire.

The connection I currently have is slow, and the information reload times range from 1 hour 30 minutes to 3 hours.

The connection I have to SQL is fast, but leapfrog sometimes takes too long to download the information that I have configured.

I hope some of you can give me a recommendation to speed up the update procedure.

I appreciate your comments.


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  • DavidWatkins
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    Hi @EduardoRodriguezGonz,

    Do the times that you have listed include the Leapfrog processing time to update the tables and downstream models, or is that only the time to download the data from acQuire before processing of the new data begins?

    We are busy making some changes to Leapfrog which are planned for the 2021.2 release which will improve the Leapfrog update times when using Acquire Smart Refresh by only processing tables which actually contain new or changed data. Currently acQuire Smart Refresh sends back all tables per updated drillhole resulting in unnecessary processing when not all tables have actually been changed. Since Leapfrog will filter out these unchanged tables in the future, the Leapfrog processing time will be improved.



  • Hello @DavidWatkins

    I really appreciate your answer.

    Indeed, the time that I comment refers to the time it takes to download the information from acquire + about 15 minutes of processing.

    For example for my smart refresh, it is not convenient now, because I carry out a daily borehole monitoring, twice a day.
    When I generate a smart update I always have gaps or erroneous intervals in the hole trace, from any table.

    I hope that the update you comment can help us with that problem.

    Best regards!.