Sample export/s from Leapfrog Works


In product features description under export capabilities section I see the program can export 3d terrain model (with soil layers being 3d solids) into various formats.


I would be interested in seeing such sample 3d model exported to standard CAD format .dgn.

My objective is to test how applicable/helpful in our workflows this program could be (from perspective of a designer assuming geological model is already provided with us).
One of our applications would be to use 3d soil layers for boolean operations in CAD to determine accurately excavations differentiated by soil type, thats why we need exports to be 3d solids (either closed meshes or breps).

Another point of interest would be to see 2D sections exported to .dwg or .dgn (especially long section along curve).

Is it possible to provide above mentioned sample exports for testing purposes?

Thank you