Importing Autocad drawing layout into a cross section layout

Dear community,

I was wondering if it's possible to import a Drawing Layout from Autocad in Leapfrog Works. 

We are producing a substantial amount of Cross sections and we should present them with our company drawing layout. 

thanks for your advices, 



  • DevinAToddRoth
    Hi Gugliemo, I'm still learning the program myself, so I could be wrong, but I don't think so.
    The layout editor seems very limited and it's not quite possible to get a professional looking output.

    It would be great if we could at least customize the title block (and save it as a template for use on other figures), since it is pretty limited. 
    So far I've had to add a title block in Bluebeam, which is not an optimal workflow.
  • gdandrea
    Hi Devin, 
    sorry for such a late reply! thanks for the confirmation. I hope Leapfrog team will consider it as future development. 

    Best Regards,