Drillhole Density

Hi Leapfrog Support,
Is there any workflow to create drillhole density at Leapfrog Geo?
The idea is to count how many drillholes that intersected every blocks of 100m size.



  • MichaelDeVasto1
    I've attempted to need something simliar from leapfrog and I have not figured out a workflow for this. Ultimately, we'd need LF to create a grid (like a block model) and count how many drill holes are used within a block.

    A functionality to close to that useing EDGE, but it requires an estimator to be created and that is beyond the scope of the post.

    This may get you close:
    Points>Create Contact Points>Select a Lithology from your dirlling and lock "Use Both" (so you generate points from the upper and lower contacts). 
       This creates points that represent lithological breaks in your drilling

    Evaluate your geological model onto those points
    Right click the contact points you just made > Evaluations (select your geologic model)>Okay
        Now you'll have contact points that can be coded by the lithology that fall into in the geologic model.
        Open up the statistics tab and you can get a count of how many points are coded as a specific lithology.

    I recognize this only gets you ~50% there, since you want to run a report that shows number of holes per 100m x 100m. 

    Alternatively, you may be able to shake out the information this way:

    Create a distance function from your dirll holes to the smallest resolution you can (mine was 5m)
    Create a block model on a 100 x 100m grid
    Evaluate your distance function onto the block model - this will create a "heat map" of the block centroid (i think) to the distance of drillholes used. 

    Again not quite what you're looking for but there are some workflows that may get the gears turning. If you figure it out this would be a wonderful workflow to have.

    Lastly, I've completed this task in GIS - it sucks cause its elevation dependent and with angled holes it becomes a decent exercise. However, on 100m grid, it may go quickly. Happy to talk more on this workflow offline.