How to install Leapfrog Viewer

SimonLibby Posts: 1
edited August 2021 in Leapfrog
I previously had Leapfrog Viewer installed alongside Works and Geo, which meant I could e.g. demonstrate to clients how to use it.

I'm now using a different laptop, is there any way to install Viewer as a standalone program, as opposed to the version inside Geo?



  • Hi @SimonLibby,

    We no longer support or distribute the standalone Leapfrog Viewer application, however anyone who registers for a Seequent ID login will have access to a free Leapfrog Viewer license via the new single installer Leapfrog which can now read Viewer scenes natively within Leapfrog, or can be run in Viewer only mode for users who don't have Leapfrog licenses.


  • Do you need to have the corresponding Version of Viewer and works for clients to view the files? We are working in Works 2021.1 but the viewer seems to be 2021.1.2