Comparing field data with SeepWmodel at 3 nodes for thousands of time steps

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I am calibrating a model, I have readings of pore water pressures every hour for a year. I have setup a model and I am trying to compare the model to the field measurements for three nodes. My problem is, when I generate a graph, and select one of the nodes of interest and I plot pressure head vs time, it only plots the saved times. If I follow this methodology, I would have to save data at thousands of times, which would take long and may not be possible. Is there another way to do this? In Hydrus for example, the whole mesh gets saved at "saved times", but "Observation nodes" by default have all data at every step of the simulation


  • AidaRezapour
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    Hi Alexandra,

    Thanks for reaching out. Currently, all the nodes would report the results for only the saved time steps.

    We appreciate your feedback and have added your concern to the list of new ideas to consider as new features in future releases.